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Katie Oliver


Katie doesn’t remember a time without music not being a focal point in her life. Starting at age 8, she studied in piano and a few years later the guitar. At the age of 13 she switched over to study at the academy and it kickstarted her passion. She quickly started learning every instrument she could get her hands on. Including the guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, and piano.  Since then she has found her sound as a vocalist and has started studying audio engineering. Katie's lessons keep students engaged and always ready to learn more!

Michael Pringle


Charlotte Graham

The magic of music showed up early in Michael’s life; specifically in the person of a Chicago Symphony Orchestra string player, who demo’ed the instruments of the Viol family. Michael decided he HAD to play the viola, because it sounded so incredible! Fast-forward through Suzuki string classes, elementary school and onward to junior and senior high school, with private lessons for most of this time. Michael’s orchestra conductor began pestering him to consider going to music camps like Interlochen, getting one of the “right” teachers, and getting on the road to CCM for classical music. However, at about 13 years old, Michael had concurrently taken up… the… guitar. Concentration on private lessons and viola practice began to fade, and playing the guitar began occupying every spare moment.

Michael has studied jazz theory with several wonderful teachers, including CCM Theory & Composition grad Keith Bowers, and Rick Fitzgerell of the Manhattan School of Music. He has played in several blues, pop and country cover bands, and currently is working with a keyboard collaborator, writing and recording original music in the project studio in his home; Michael is also a pro-level slide guitar player. He is also responsible for the dubious scientific discovery that if you have played for four hours, you can put toothache gel on the tips of your fingers, and play for another four hours. “I feel that any song that the student would love to be able to play can be a jumping-off point for learning not only the song, but also the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how music works, and different techniques their favorite players may be using. There is a magic to seeing someone’s favorite song come together under their fingers, and realizing, ‘This is how my favorite song is really played!’”


Charlotte’s first love has always been performance starting with piano in grade school and theatre throughout school with both lead and supporting roles on stage. She began learning guitar at 13 and bass soon after, studying under Aaron O’Keefe and Josh Cole as a Loveland/Lebanon Academy student and continues to study bass and music theory. She played bass guitar in OMF music videos including Tool’s ”The Pot” versions 1 and 4, The Rolling Stone’s “The Worst” and The Cure’s “Burn”. In 2014, she joined as bassist with fellow academy students Kala Rose (vocals), Jacob Boldman (guitar), Ben Swift (guitar) and Alex Muccino (drums) forming the band Saving Escape. After much hard work and dedication, Saving Escape began playing local festivals and music venues like Bogarts, Bunbury Music Festival and The Reds stadium, all while still in high school. The band has had the privilege of opening for The Dead Daises, Palaye Royale, Nashville’s Them Vibes and Broadway’s guitar prodigy Taz Niederauer. In addition to lessons on guitar, bass and ukelele , Charlotte brings insight to young students for onstage performance, confidence, balancing practice with schoolwork and other activities and loves to talk about bands/music in general!

Natalie La Croix


Starting music later in life isn’t something to be scared of, it is another form of support. That is the exact attitude Nat takes with her when she plays guitar. Nat became a student of the Lebanon Music Academy at 16 and has been head-over-heels in love with music since. Music lessons with LMA’s Josh Cole were something to look forward to every week and allowed her to express herself like never before. Nat can also be found rehearsing and writing with her sister and fellow LMA student, Keeli LaCroix. LMA’s creative environment and inspiring teachers have given her another group of people in her life that share the same passions and allow her to feel heard. That feeling is what she wishes to share with her students. 

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